The Faint return with new album Doom Abuse

The Faint will return this spring with their sixth album, Doom Abuse via SQE Music.  The birth of Doom Abuse, in many ways, is in parallel with a rebirth of the band itself.  The Faint, started in Omaha in the mid-’90s, have always created against the grain, disinterested in making anything except what their own inspiration drives them to make.  Each album since their 1998 debut Media has shifted and evolved that desire. Some albums, like 1999’s Blank-Wave Arcade, came from urgent, short recording processes while others, like 2004’s Wet From Birth, were more carefully constructed.  The musicians themselves are the constant, together embracing a style that is truly unlike every other band out there.  While Doom Abuse harkens back to Blank-Wave Arcade‘s immediacy in some ways, it opens a new door.  Inside is exactly where The Faint want to be now.

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