Watch the new video “Woods” from Black Marble

Black Marble – aka Chris Stewart – shares the video for the lead single from his recently released album It’s Immaterial (Ghostly), “Woods,” a track self-described as “poeticized vision of an escape that leads nowhere.” The concept for the video was born from a recent trip by its director, Theo Sixou, to a WWII concentration camp. “A forest of birches surrounded the camp until the eye could see,” says Sixou, “and I caught myself thinking about the refugee crisis, about an escape. But where to escape to? Where to go? Only the woods.”

When asked about the video, Stewart said: “Somehow, as visual allegory to the spirit of the song, these people running from something, but sometimes it seems, just running because there’s nothing else to do, fits perfectly with the underlying theme of the music, the sort of tension that exists when you already know the ultimate outcome but can’t bring yourself to extricate yourself from something that has just been in place for so long.  That liminal space between wanting and doing can seemingly last forever and I think this video perfectly represents Woods in that way.”

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