Tilly and The Wall release 'Heavy Mood' on 5th November

Tilly and the Wall unveil a new video for the track ‘Defenders’ taken from their forthcoming album, Heavy Mood (Team Love)

The band take to to the desert dressed in clothes inspired by kachina dolls.  Band member, Kianna Alarid said of the video, “The message of this song is one of absolute empowerment, especially for the youths who aren’t yet fully conditioned to the oppressive boundaries of our culture. I grew up in 29 Palms, so I really wanted to set the scene of this story in the place where my first real childhood memories began. The story involves a lot of my family’s essence, including Native American kachina lore, true magick and the desert.”

Since the group’s inception in Omaha, Nebraska more than a decade ago – recording its first sides with Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes in his basement – Tilly and the Wall have managed to ingeniously combine folk-rock strumming, schoolyard sing-along rhymes, unison male-female vocals and rapid-fire beats via the amplified tap-dancing of Jamie Williams Pressnall, who fulfills the role of a traditional percussionist in a joyfully unorthodox manner. Their lyrics are as quirkily imaginative as the arrangements, embracing a kind of fearlessness and freedom in matters of the heart, the body and the soul.

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