The Killers’ Dave Keuning to release new solo album ‘A Mild Case of Everything’ out 25th June

The Killers’ founding member and guitarist, Dave Keuning will be releasing his second solo album, A Mild Case of Everything due out 25th June, on his label, Pretty Faithful Records.

Last year, while quarantined at home, Dave began writing and recording songs in his San Diego home studio, which resulted in the forthcoming 16- track solo album – a mix of dynamic guitar riffs, 80s synth-pop and melodic alt-rock.  “I wrote and recorded this album throughout 2020, I am really proud of the music, and think it is my best work,” Dave reflected. “I felt more comfortable as a singer this time and had a lot of fun with the guitar. I also took some chances on some short songs, long songs and did whatever I felt like. “Don’t Poke the Bear’” is a 9-minute song I wrote in the middle of the night and just kept adding parts to it until 5 in the morning. I tried to have fun but I also have moments lyrically I am proud of.”

More than 17 years have passed since Iowa transplant Dave Keuning placed an ad in the local Las Vegas Weekly looking to form a band, mentioning Oasis as one of his faves. An eager 20-year-old named Brandon Flowers, who shared Keuning’s love of groups like New Order and the Cure, answered it, only to have Dave promptly hand him a TASCAM-recorded four-track demo of “Mr. Brightside.” The result was the formation of The Killers, who have released five consecutive chart-topping albums and toured the world thanks to a songwriting partnership which molded such hits as “Somebody Told Me,” “When You Were Young,” “Read My Mind,” and “Human” among others.

Dave released his debut solo album Prismism in 2019, a collection of 14 tracks – with all the instruments, save some drum parts, played by Keuning himself. A Mild Case of Everything again showcases Dave’s multi-instrumentalism joined by Seth Luloff on drums and Mark Stoermer from the Killers plays bass on the track, “Bad Instincts.”  

A Mild Case of Everything showcases the natural evolution in Keuning’s solo song-writing that will please fans of Dave’s solo work and long-time Killers’ fans alike.

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