The Good The Bad & The Zugly

Oslo is widely regarded as the ugliest capital in the world.  It’s no wonder then that the city is breeding some of the most distasteful music that is around. The proudest example of this standard Oslo-filth is Fysisk Format’s newest signing: The Good The Bad and The Zugly.

The Good The Bad and The Zugly has produced four 7″ that have caused shock and awe amongst Norwegian natives and brought comparisons to Dead Boys and GG Allin, as well as label-mates Haraball and Haust.  Their debut album is entitled, Anti World Music and is produced by Tommy Manboy of Silver and Turbonegro.

The lyrics range from downright stupid “I ain’t got no job” to more substantial songs. “Reaction Formation” is a layered thing about the psychoanalytic defense mechanism when people go from one extreme to another, where middle ground is not an optional lifestyle.  A true story about a friend of the band, who went from being an avid punk rocker to joining Al-Quaida, and another who went from being a junkie rock star to a Scientologist. Songs like “Smoke ’em ” with the lyrics, “out in the park, smoking doobies, with the good, the bad and the zugly groupies”  and “Call The Cops” (I don’t give a fuck) speak for themselves.

There’s only one remedy for the shame of living in a country that every year prides itself with having the world’s “best standards of living,” and hands out embarrassing Nobel Peace Prizes: the joyfully disturbing music of The Good the Bad & the Zugly!  Their debut album Anti World Music will be released on 4th February 2013 on Fysisk Format.

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