Polyvinyl Records to release Asobi Seksu's new album, Fluorescence on 14th February

ATT00001Brooklyn-based shoegaze quartet, Asobi Seksu’s highly anticipated fourth full-length, Fluorescence, will be released on 14th February 2011 in the UK via Polyvinyl Records.
The album features lead single, ‘Trails’– catchy and chaotic to the core, paying homage to the pitch-perfect song writing of the ‘60s. Another album highlight, ‘Coming Up’ sets the scene by ploughing into beehive-like synth lines and warp speed washes of dream-pop that leave you wondering just what the hell is going on! Fluorescence also features artwork from acclaimed designer Vaughan Oliver (Cocteau Twins, Pixies), and will be available on CD, digital formats and a special limited edition pink vinyl of 1,500.
Asobi Seksu have always been masters at creating musical textures; gauzy, cloudy dreamscapes for their slower songs and squalls of guitar and daisy-chained effect pedals for their barnstormers. What truly distinguishes them is that the band has now married this ability to a finely honed pop sensibility. The songs they write aren’t just “pretty,” they’re melodically rich and incredibly catchy.
Asobi Seksu will be coming to our shores next year to promote the album – dates to be announced shortly.

You can download a copy of their first single Trails here

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