Pitchfork premier track from Fang Island's new album

“Honest, life-affirming and infectious, and it’s that rare concentration of directness and simplicity that makes Fang Island so uniquely and wonderfully inclusive.” Pitchfork

“Fang Island are simply killer fun, a proper gang who sing collectively and pummel their guitars without recourse to errant soloing.”  MOJO ****

Brooklyn’s beloved guitar-anthem optimists Fang Island premier a track from their forthcoming album at Pitchfork.  Listen to the song, ‘Asunder’  here

Like the painstakingly chiseled marble of the album artwork, Major is hefty, solid, monolithic and regal.  Whereas Fang Island described their celebrated 2010 self-titled Sargent House debut as, “everyone high-fiving everyone,” Major is evermore confident, triumphant and brimming with infectious enthusiasm.  Its warm harmonies are given proper berth with more expansive dynamics and focused pop song craft.

Major will be released in the UK on LP, CD and download via Sargent House on 30th July, 2012.

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