Manimal Vinyl release Sister Crayon's debut album, Bellow on 7th March!

ATT00002“Imagine a non-Brooklyn MGMT with Bat For Lashes or Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval fronting.” Dazed & Confused

The ultra hip LA based label, Manimal Vinyl, who brought you the likes of Warpaint, Rainbow Arabia, and Hecuba, now introduce you to their latest signing – Sister Crayon.
Something small and quiet at first, the Sacramento, CA based, Sister Crayon began with vocalist, Terra Lopez, playing classical guitar and pre-programmed beats on a loop pedal to attentive house party crowds. With the addition of members Dani Fernandez, Jeffrey LaTour, and Nicholas Suhr, Sister Crayon emerged seamlessly melding haunting balladry, rich analogue textures, and a rhythmic prowess informed by trip-hop and krautrock. Despite the music’s dark, melancholy nature, there’s a sweetness and charisma about Lopez that immediately strikes a chord with audiences.
Their forthcoming debut full-length, Bellow, is full of juxtapositions that inexplicably work well together: sorrowful yet triumphant, expanse but also intimate. The inspiration for Bellow derives from a few places, namely the writer Fernando Pessoa who had a large influence on the record. His curiosity and writings on death, homosexuality, longing, and general despair was the muse for the mood and tone, a tension that is present throughout.

Check out ‘I’m Still The Same Person’ on Fader

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