Lone Wolf to release The Lovers 12th November 2012


Lone Wolf began life in 2009 in various dusty rooms and tape studios around Sweden where Paul Marshall pulled his songs and ideas slowly together.  After a month of various field recordings, sneaking into concert halls late at night to use the piano, setting up gear in small village churches, and other surreptitious places, the basic album tracks were done. The resulting body of work: The Devil And I, Lone Wolf’s (Paul Marshall’s musical moniker) debut, was released on Bella Unionin mid-2010.

Throughout 2011, Paul meticulously crafted a new creative template he could draw from, pooling all his experience into a new melting pot; with the aim of creating music free of immediate categorisation. He called upon the talents once again of engineer James Kenosha and producer Jon Fougler to make an experimental, yet definitive, statement of an artist willing to push his own boundaries, and also an audience’s pre-conceptions. Putting narrative and his powerful vocals front and centre, the rest of the sonic canvas was free to paint as was his will.

From this liberated position, The Lovers was born. Using powerful percussion, Paul’s skilled playing of 6-string (electric) guitar and the soaring backing vocals of XL Recordings’ Blue Roses, The Lovers began to emerge from its corner as a proud, lean fighter of a record, stripping back the traditional role and sound of a singer-songwriter motif, and heading into a territory that only the likes of Mark Hollis have dared tread.  Neatly enough that during the album’s conception, Paul was called to appear – twice – upon a Talk Talk tribute charity compilation, Spirit of Talk Talk,  alongside Recoil (Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode), Joan as Police Woman, King Creosote, and Richard Reed Parry (of Arcade Fire).

Lone Wolf will be releasing the first single ‘Good Life’ on 29th October. 

Listen to it HERE

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