J Mascis teams up with a pair of stoner buddies for release of all-instrumental record!?

Mascis has teamed up with a pair of old friends for the release of Heavy Blanket on Outer Battery Records on 4th June
Mascis rounds up a couple of partners-in-crime from his adolescence with an eye and ear – towards shredding harder, wailing louder, and generally melting faces even more brutally than ever before. Stoner dirtbags cloaked in mystery, J’s longtime buddies, Pete Cougar and Johnny Pancake lay down the heavy rhythm base for J’s massive licks and blistering guitar mastery. Ever wondered what Band of Gypsies would sound like if you mixed it up with Japanese hard psych and smoked it through a giant power bong? Well, now you know. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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