Explosions In the Sky & David Wingo to release soundtrack for Prince Avalanche

“Explosions in the Sky and Wingo let their haunting instrumental wash over a fire-ravaged forest, a nod to the isolated setting of Prince Avalanche.”  Rolling Stone

Hailed by everyone from The New Yorker and Rolling Stone to Judd Apatow to their hundreds of thousands of fans for the cinematic scale and sweep of its instrumental epics, Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo release their original score to the feature film, Prince Avalanche on Temporary Residence on 26th August.

Explosions In The Sky first came into contact with Prince Avalanche writer-director and fellow Texan, David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Snow Angels) when he approached them a decade ago for permission to use a song for his sophomore film All The Real Girls. The result was both Explosions In The Sky’s first-ever film license and the ideal complement to the film’s elegiac score by Texas composer, David Wingo.

Many years later, Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo’s collaborative Prince Avalanche is as enthralling as it is intimate.  Recorded entirely at the homes of its composers, Prince Avalanche, the record, is the perfect aural accompaniment to the darkly comic, sparely staged yet emotionally complex Beckett-ian tale featuring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch as two workers on an isolated stretch of Texas road–shot against the backdrop of Texas’ scorched Bastrop State Park, a location suggested to Green by Explosions In The Sky’s Chris Hrasky.

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