Evening Hymns to release new album ‘Quiet Energies’


Ontario’s Evening Hymns have signed to Tin Angel Records for the UK/European (except France) release of their third album, Quiet Energies on 16th October.  Recorded following his move from Toronto to a farmhouse in the Ontario countryside, main-man, Jonas Bonnetta reunited with band members Jon Hynes on bass, guitars, backing vocals, Andrew Kekewich on drums, and long-time producer/ engineer, James Bunton.  

 Bonnetta crafted his news songs with the feeling of moving on and a newly established sense of clarity and focus.  He started writing and recording Quiet Energies after completing a tour across North America and Europe in support of his critically-revered 2012 album, Spectral Dusk, a grief-stricken homage to the passing of his father in 2009.

The songs on Quiet Energies exceed Evening Hymns’ promise of stunning immensity, possessed with the awakened momentum for accepting the irreconcilable.  Defining what Quiet Energies means, Bonnetta says “Quiet Energies is the concept that all of this pent-up energy could be stored inside these quiet moments – a whisper that could be as effective as an explosion.” 

 Bonetta explains that as the record came together it became evident that it was a driving record. “I was in L.A. and drove out to Joshua Tree to spend the day wandering around and shooting Super-8 film. I had been listening to so much Tom Petty on that trip, and it kind of came to me that this record was a journey. A road trip album.  A driving album.”

 The album starts with a driving drumbeat and is a statement to listeners coming from Spectral Dusk that this record is going to be something different. There are songs about the past and dealing with grief, but also songs about perspective, making sense of loss and living peacefully.

Bonetta says “Working my way through all that grief seemed almost as heavy but in a really beautiful way. I recognize now that this is the record I was going to make. It’s kind of the next chapter in grieving my dad. It’s moving on and looking back.  It’s about personal growth.

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