Corridor release new album on Manimal Vinyl 5th December!?


“Real Late is populated by thumping tribal percussion and distortion on the verge of squealing, avant-garde hysteria. Even when venturing into dirge-ful, down-tempo territory, a jazz-like sense of melodic phrasing pulls it all back together. Call it classical noise.” ALARM Press

Real Late is Corridor’s second record to be released 5th December on Manimal Vinyl. A melodic and dark romantic trip through thick layers and waves of synth, cello, piano, quick guitar work and technically executed percussion guided by Quinn’s perpetually haunting, welcoming vocals. These are songs that speak directly to the listener, complicated by difficult and intriguing melody, but revealed in simplicity by way of its author’s talent, balancing a combination of linear movement and the element of surprise. The title, too, is merely the cover of page-turner not yet read. “The title ‘Real Late’ is more of a tribute to so many artists ahead of their time or who never had their moment in the sun. It is a title that I think perfectly explains the paradox of art.”

Listen to the track, ‘Objective Lens’ here

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