In Your Room, the debut album from Australia’s Cameras, garners the sounds of The National and the orchestral flair of Arcade Fire, honing into a thrilling alt-rock edge.  The album sees its long awaited UK release on Manimal Vinyl on 6th August 2012.

Cameras formed after Eleanor Dunlop (vox/keys) and Fraser Harvey (vox/lead guitar) discovered a mutual love for layering darker dirtier sounds with warmer, lighter melodies.  Conflicting yet cohesive, Cameras offer a distinctive two-sided sound, with two songwriters sharing lead vocal duties.  Harvey’s big progressive guitar sound juxtapose with Dunlop’s hypnotizing vocals and classically trained keys, making Cameras a beautiful collision of polar opposites and creating a sound that generates a dizzying intensity and a haunting atmosphere.

Epically sound-tracking the sweeping landscapes of emotions, while remaining infectious enough to dance your legs off on a Saturday night, Cameras are one of the most intriguing, artistic and unique bands in Australia.  Last year they supported Roxy Music on their Australian tour, and more recently, the band supported Frenchman Yann Tiersen.

Cameras are Eleanor Dunlop (vox/keys), Fraser Harvey (vox/guitar/bass), Ben Mason (drums) and recently joined guitarist, Mike Morgan.



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