ATT00001“This is the Minneapolis foursome’s return to big form with a Coral-esque riot of rattle and bang.” NME

Minneapolis band, Tapes ‘n Tapes are pleased to announce the upcoming release of their new album, Outside, on their original label, Ibid Records. This is the band’s third full length, following their 2005 debut, The Loon, and 2008’s Walk It Off, both released via XL Recordings.
After touring and supporting their last two albums for nearly five years, the band decided it was time to take a more relaxed approach with the creation of their new album. They re-launched their own label, Ibid Records, original home to The Loon, and purposefully took their time to have fun working on the record – the 12 tracks, from “Badaboom” to “Mighty Long” prove that! The songs that make up the new album are playful and melodic, while also capturing the essence and energy of their live shows.

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