Speaks Evil

Out now via Burning Heart Records


“…a stomping authentically-rendered adolescent fantasia of fun…”  Q ****
“From Roma, neo-bovver rockers get stomping.  Recalling the stack-heeled sounds of Slade, The Sweet and The Faces plus the “junk shop glam”, Romans Giuda do their bit for similarly no pretention, high energy rocking”   Mojo
“Italian quintet Giuda are the greatest ‘70s glam-rock band to have existed since… the 1970s.”   NME 8/10
“Guida perfectly channel a stomping pre-punk past complete with hand claps, terrace-boy chants and pop chops to match…”  Vice 10/10
“Guida encompass the glam gamut – referencing perfectly rendered period elements, from quirky synth lines to camp vocal asides.”   Vive Le Rock 10/10

Giuda (pronounced JEW-DA) are an Italian five-piece band from Rome, born from the ashes of one of the finest European punk rock groups, Taxi. They play the most exciting kind of retro-sounding rock’n’roll and junk shop glam. Their look of true working class heroes gained a touch of glam-kinda style over the years, better reflecting the rich patchwork of their music.

After their debut album Racey Roller in 2010 and Let’s Do It Again in 2013, the band return with their third album.  Speaks Evil, their first release on Burning Heart is out 4th December. Their mix of anthemic ‘70s glam hooks and the punchy delivery of early UK punk has grown up into something that is just rock’n’roll, straight and sharp as Giuda can be.

Racey Roller, described by Robin Wills (The Barracudas) as “Cock Sparrer twinned with the Equals”, became an underground sensation and praised by publications as diverse as Mojo, Rolling Stone and Maximum Rock’n’Roll.  A similar path for, Let’s Do It Again, which Vive Le Rock hailed as “an album that stomps along with a silk scarf knotted around its wrist”.

Speaks Evil is a step forward in Giuda’s song-writing – ten brand new songs reflecting the live sound of the band.  Starting work on the album in 2014, the songs “Roll The Balls”, “Mama Got The Blues” and “Working Class Man” are the rocky counterbalance of the more pop-oriented tracks such as “It Ain’t Easy”, “You Can Do Everything”, “Bad Days are Back” and “My Lu”.  Speak Evil couldn’t come without a classical stomper, “Watch Your Step”, hiding a quote to The Small Faces, and two songs pretty unfamiliar to Giuda’s fans: the intimate, melancholic “Joolz” and the odd extravaganza, “Bonehead Waltz”, born from improvisation during the studio sessions.

Recorded with vintage equipment by Danilo Silvestri, the record’s producer along with guitarist, Lorenzo Moretti, Speaks Evil continues on the musical path outlined by Racey Roller and Let’s Do It Again, with more complex structures and catchier melodies, without losing any of the band’s spontaneity and energy.

Although the band openly admit their influences, including early 70’s rock giants like Slade, The Sweet and T-Rex, semi-obscure junkshop glam acts like Hector and Jook, Vanda & Young’s pre-AC/DC Aussie rock and Slaughter And The Dogs and Eddie and The Hot Rods’ pub rock/punk, the Rome-based quintet have managed to create a truly original sound, making them one of the most happening bands on the international rock’n’roll scene.

The five-piece, Lorenzo Moretti (guitar/vocals), Ntendarere Damas (lead vocals), Michele Malagnini (guitar), Danilo Valerii (bass) and Daniele Tarea (drums), fully embody the original rock’n’roll principle: that of having fun!