Eamon McGrath and The Mohawk Lodge to tour the UK this May!

Eamon McGrath never sleeps. He’s toured and recorded more songs than most artists do in a career. Culled from 18 home-recorded albums, comes 13 Songs of Whiskey and Light, an introduction to a great talent well beyond his 21 years. Folk, soul and blues music is filtered through a think, layer of psychedelic and raw … Read more

Octoberman UK Tour kicks off this weekend at the Camden Crawl!?

Toronto based, Octoberman will be touring Europe and the UK in May to promote their latest album Fortresses, released on White Whale Records on 3rd May. Fortresses is Marc Morrissette and his band’s most cohesive and adventurous album to date and marks Morrissette’s most thematically unified work as a wordsmith. Examining a variety of relationships, … Read more


“Annabel Alpers, a uniquely engaging oddity who captures NZ’s sense of space and seclusion. A real treasure.” Mojo **** “… a kind of lo-fi, one woman version of Animal Collective…” Q *** “…the record is a nebulous dream-like beast which demands that you completely submit to the delicate complexities within and become as enthralled as … Read more